Visual Identity

Your brand’s visual identity significantly influences how clients perceive and engage with your company. At Big Drop, we help you identify your brand’s position in the competitive market and understand your target audience. We take the time to work collaboratively with you, gathering all relevant information about your brand to develop strategies that create an emotional appeal. For example, our expert team uses colour psychology to help you choose a colour palette, and then we design a unique logo that embodies your brand.

What do we offer our clients?

With us, you receive support in both consistency and creativity. However, we won't dictate what you should become or how you should present yourself. Instead, we collaborate with you on various visual identity practices to uncover the truths and core values of your brand, making you stand out in the market. When you seek professional assistance from our expert team of designers, you gain a fresh and unmistakable identity for your brand. This new visual identity communicates to customers, employees, and others what your brand truly represents.

What are our projects in visual identity practices?

Our team is dedicated and has collaborated with numerous innovative brands and companies to establish a robust web presence that resonates with the audience. Our visual identity embodies athleticism and the artistry of fashion, glamour, and ballet in the realms of fitness, well-being, and daily life. We have crafted digital presences for brands that not only enhance staff morale but also improve workplace environments and surrounding cultures.

Why should you partner with us to create an impactful identity for your brand?

We've facilitated visual identity practices for brands, empowering them to capture the attention of their target audience. Our team has enabled businesses to forge connections with their clients and establish a resilient brand identity to thrive in the industry long-term. We empower our clients to create a distinctive brand identity, and then we take steps to implement their visual identity to enhance their web presence. With the expert assistance of our team, you can rest assured knowing that we conduct thorough research to design your brand identity. We rely on our expert creative team to define your brand’s core values and help you cultivate a robust personality for your brand, ensuring that your users are invested in your products or services.

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